• Face Treatments
Face Treatments

The term ‘person’ comes from the Latin ‘persona’ which means, literally, a ‘mask’. The face is the revelation of the self thus the importance of its care preservation.

Beautiful skin doesn’t just happen. It requires constant beauty skin care treatment on a daily basis whether it be at your beauty salon or in your bathroom at home. The ideal care is to undergo a monthly facial cleansing done by your beautician and maintain its cleanliness and hydration by applying daily morning and evening creams recommended by your esthetician.

For a glowing and youthful skin, you can integrate a facial treatment in your routine care such as Hydradermie, Lift 6, Endermolift, sunflower, etc… These treatments are to be done once or twice per week at the beginning, and once per month to maintain the outstanding results encountered.

And nothing is more refreshing than going to your beauty salon for a customized facial mask once in a while, for the sake of your beauty!

Hydradermie Lift 'Guinot'

1 1/2 hour lifting of the face and neck. The Guinot star treatment tones the skin and firms the face deep down by exercising the muscles. Drains and eliminates toxins, reactivates cellular activity.

Hydradermie 'Guinot'

1 hour of deep face and neck Guinot treatment. Solves the specific ageing problems associated with face, eyes and neck while giving the complexion of a healthy, balanced and freshly moisturized appearance.

Beaute Neuve

Double Peeling Facial “Guinot”

The ‘peeling’ treatment removes dull skin cells. Ideal to restore a radiant complexion, reduce pigmentation marks on the skin, eliminate excess dead cells and allow the skin to breathe again.

Lift 6 'LPG'

High-tech firming treatment and natural face lift. Ideal for restoring the skin’s elasticity, reducing the aging lines and stimulating collagen production.


Laser anti-ageing treatment.


Mechanical skin peeling by crystal.


Rejuvenating peeling treatment.

VIP Face

Rapid and full firming of each muscle of the face. A non-invasive face lifting and wrinkles reduction.

Le Grand Classique 'Yon-Ka'

Deep pore cleansing, restoring and relaxing facial.

Hydralessence 'Yon-Ka'

Long lasting, deep hydrating facial.

Vital Defense 'Yon-Ka'

Rejuvenating, anti-wrinkle facial.

Alpha Vital 'Yon-Ka'

Resurfacing fruit acid treatment.

Optimizer 'Yon-Ka'

Lifting, firming facial.

Éclat Cocoon 'Yon-Ka'

Highly hydrating, relaxing facial with hot stones.

Glycolic Peeling Acid / TCA Peeling Acid

Collagen Treatment

Anti-ageing, re-moisturizing and re-firming mask for eye, face and neck.


Preventive treatment for dry wrinkled and slackened skin by introducing a cocktail of vitamins, oligo-elements and hyaluronic acids into the skin.

Sunflower (LED)

Quick and safe anti-ageing treatment to activate the work of cell receptors; favours a greater production of collages and elastin; essential for a better skin life.

Variety of Masks

Masks for any condition or skin type: Caviar Mask, Collagen Mask, Vitamin C, Whitening Mask, Special Eye Mask for dark circles and tired eyes, cryodetox…

Deep Facial Cleansing

A pampering deep cleansing facial to remove impurities and clean up the pores, followed by a relaxing massage to tone and a custom mask to rejuvenate and nourish the skin.