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Body Treatments

Physical appearance is important. You can be the most beautiful person from within but if you neglect your body, this will inevitably affect your self-esteem thus your well-being.

Most individual insecurities come from physical judgment.  You don’t have to look like a model to be beautiful, models are often too skinny, too pale and this is not our definition of beauty. However, you have to look your best.

Lose your extra kilos, shape up your body by firming your muscles; improve your skin’s texture with frequent body scrubs and hydrating creams; boost your body circulation by treating yourself to weekly body massages ( detoxifying, slimming, firming, relaxing, draining…).

Make your visits to your beauty salon part of your weekly schedule; let it be one of your priorities, a moment for yourself, your well-being routine.

To conclude, all the above can be sum up in two sentences which has forever been Nancy Makki’s motto: ‘Don’t let the shape of your body be under the influence of coincidence or fate, make up your mind and shape up your body’.

And ladies, look your best for yourselves not for anybody else!

VIP Complex

Quick and long lsting results! Lose inches in less than 30 minutes. This revolutionary slimming treatment is designed for people with weight problems, water retention and sagging skin.


Muscles refirming and toning. Each session is equivalent to 600 exercises.

Lymphatic Drainage

Stimulates the body’s lymphatic system with gentle massaging strokes to help fluids circulate and remove toxins. For heavy legs.

LPG 'Endermology'

Anti-cellulite and body reshaping. restructures the skin’s connective tissue, stimulates blood and lymph circulation and facilitates the elimination of toxins.

American Gym

Shapemaster toning tables is a passive exercise system which gently eases you into shape through tightening and firming the muscles.


Solarium (UV) provides the enjoyment an benefits of solar rays in just a few sessions. Don’t wait for summer, maintain your tan year round.

Mud Therapy 'Thalgo'

A hot remineralizing treatment combining essential oils and sea mud to strengthen the skin’s elasticity, stimulate circulation, minimize fatty deposits and detoxify. Ideal for weight loss.

Body Scrub 'Thalgo'

Exfoliation of the skin by rubbing the dead cells. For a smoother, softer and hydrated skin.

Body Massage 'Thalgo'

Relaxing and slimming massage by aromatherapy oils.