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Beauty Services

Hands & Feet are an asset of seduction need not be neglected.

So focused on their body shape and facial complexion, women tend to disregard their hands and feet. Soft, hydrated hands and well maintained healthy nails need daily care. They are the part of our body most inclined to external aggressions such as cold weather, pollution, microbes, water, etc.

We offer many beautifying treatments such as warm paraffin wax, scrubs, black soap, complete manicure and pedicure…

Looking and feeling gorgeous all year round, from head to toe is so simple yet so rewarding!




Nail Polish

Scrub hands/feet

Paraffin hands/feet

Permanent Eye Lashes

Permanent Eye Lashes

Tinting Eye Lashes

Eye Brow Shaping

Permanent Make Up (eye brow/lip liner)

Botox, Filler and Mesotherapy (hair, face and body) by specialists.